Every project begins with a foundational premise, and evolves from there. Harnessing imagination and making it an everyday process is the goal.

We begin each project with a concentrated, multi-disciplined exchange of ideas - the ‘Issues and Opportunities Workshop.’ It is a vetting methodology by which ideas can be quickly explored, tested, discarded, or enhanced, and where the best ideas endure and find a path towards implementation.

While brief, the Workshop yields a broad range of options. Rather than weeks or months of back-and-forth meetings, a project’s potential is exposed early and clearly defined “next steps” present themselves. These next steps allow a project to grow by adding compounding layers of complexity.

Design is the tool that brings substance to our ideas.

Design introduces context, scope, and scale. It seeks out synergies of uses and is underwritten by a continual search for value. It is manifesting the unique programming that happens within buildings and on streets that makes places in which we want to be.

We approach development opportunities with a designers’ rigor. We use visual presentation techniques to test assumptions and find a common language.

As developers, we use the design and planning process to create new opportunities not readily evident.

Our focus is on creating compounding value - places where unique venue programming can enhance, and be enhanced by, adjacent districts from which vibrant mixed-use neighborhoods can grow.

We collaborate with other architects and developers in partnerships to create additional real estate value and broader perspectives and more evolved solutions.