About us

We believe

Great cities evolve from complexity and diversity.

Iconic architecture alone is not sufficient to create memorable urban places

Broader collaborations yield more creative solutions

Future Cities was founded in 2000 by architects Michael Hallmark and Sean Duncan. They brought with them experience in the design and development of destination attractors &emdash; signature sports, entertainment, and retail projects, and a belief that traditional developer-led approaches were not resulting in better cities.

Our focus is on finding value in under-utilized urban real estate assets, exploring synergy of uses, and creating richer and more sustainable urban places as a result.

Our projects often begin as a single-purpose building program – an arena, a stadium, theater or retail node. From there, they evolve into richer and more diverse developments fueled by challenges we ourselves impose: “What else can happen here?” “What greater community benefits are possible?” “Are we creating a place to which others can add future value?”

We imagine

Every project begins with a single idea and grows through compounding layers of complexity.

Imagining possibilities is the first step. It begins with a concentrated, multi-disciplined idea exchange we call the “Issues and Opportunities Workshop”. It is a vetting methodology by which ideas can be quickly explored, tested, discarded or enhanced, and where the best ideas endure and find a path to implementation.

The duration of Issues and Opportunities Workshop sessions is normally 1 to 3 days. Though brief, they yield a broad range of options. Rather than weeks or months spent with back and forth meetings, a project’s potential is exposed early and clearly defined “next steps” present themselves.

The Issues and Opportunities Workshop has served as the initial first step to many of our most complex projects, including US Airways Center and Jackson Street Redevelopment, Nokia Theater at LA Live, Pauley Pavilion Renovations, Sun Devil Stadium and the ASU eco District, and the North of Broad Downtown Redevelopment Project in Richmond, VA.

We design

Design is a process that brings substance to ideas. It introduces context, scope, and scale. it seeks out synergies of uses and is underwritten by a constant search for value.

As designers, we use visual presentation techniques to test and demonstrate assumptions and opportunities to the broad-based constituency who represent end-users, tenants, and visitors. Ultimately, it is the unique programming that happens within buildings and on streets that makes cities places in which we want to be.

Our design clients include cities, universities, sports team owners and others seeking to create value and beneficial connections in otherwise traditional building program uses, in campus plans and in urban centers.

We develop

As developers, we use the design and planning process to create new development opportunities. Our development focus is on districts where unique venue programming can be enhanced by the creation of ancillary entertainment districts and mixed-use neighborhoods.

We collaborate with other developers to form partnership entities whose purpose is to create additional real estate value in existing under-utilized urban cores, destination attractors, theaters and sports venues.