Golden State Warriors Arena San Francisco

In early 2012, the Golden State Warriors commissioned Future Cities to create programming and concept designs to help in evaluating the potential of a new arena development. The assignment was to identify issues and opportunities, including site constraints, program variables, and ancillary development uses.

Given the proposal for additional ancillary uses as part of the overall development, another important factor for analysis is the synergy of parts. Today in Oakland, the Warriors are focused only on basketball sales and operations, and doing so in a venue isolated from everyday pedestrian access.

The Arena will be developed as a multi-purpose facility for sports, concerts, and family shows as well as a much-anticipated adjunct venue for the City’s convention and tourism industry.

The wide diversity of events being accommodated will entertain patrons year around – effectively activating adjacent districts within the City and providing a spectacular gateway symbol that promises to become an internationally recognized icon for the City and known globally as the home of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors.