GreenCity Henrico County, VA

GreenCity is planned as an ‘eco-district’ – designed to the highest levels of sustainability and resiliency. It is a non-traditional development model that envisions a bold new commercial, entertainment and residential community for the Richmond metro region. Its planned synergies are designed for a next-generation workforce who prefer better balanced and healthier lifestyles. It provides ways in which all can contribute to a more sustainable future.

The planned urban/nature environment will foster opportunities for new economic development to greener industries and businesses who have, themselves, pledged to meet high sustainability goals in energy, water, and waste as well as commitments to diverse social equity.

The GreenCity plan proposes building within a landscape-centric model which is itself the central theme.

The regulatory guidelines related to protecting the region’s Chesapeake Bay streambeds and wetlands are not just preserved here, but embraced as assets. GreenCity will utilize these natural features as organizing elements for the plan and to create a variety of active public open spaces and programs around the natural environment preserved and incorporated.

A new 1.5 mile long linear Forest Walk forms the backbone of the plan, with nature trails, bikeways and integrated landscape nodes &emdash; features designed for residents and workers to explore.