Victory PlazaDallas

Centrally located in downtown Dallas, VICTORY is a 72-acre development located immediately adjacent to the existing American Airlines Center sports arena. It includes a mixed-use program of office, a ‘W’ hotel, and residential towers, as well as an integrated network of urban street retail on seven contiguous parcels. Upon its completion, the VICTORY development will include 8-10 million square feet of development.

At the heart of VICTORY is the high-energy entertainment core – Victory Plaza. Designed by Future Cities’ principal Sean Duncan, two flanking 80,000 square foot buildings “bookend” the Plaza with nightclubs, restaurants, retail and loft-style offices. These have become both the entry forecourt to the American Airlines Center and the gateway to VICTORY.

The district was also designed to serve as the home of the Victory Media Network: “VMN”, a select set of digital and broadcast media elements are integrated within an interactive network that will pair new visual-display technologies within an environmental media platform for branded messaging, live events, product launches, collections exhibits, hospitality and banquet events.