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Michael Hallmark

Michael is a founding partner of Future Cities, a company specializing in urban development and the programming and design of complex public / private sector sports and entertainment projects. In 2018, Michael relocated from Los Angeles to Richmond, VA to lead a development team in the North of Broad project, a $1.4B mixed-use development that will transform that City’s urban center.

Throughout his career as a practicing architect, Michael was recognized as one of the leading innovators in sports and entertainment planning and design. In May 2004, Sports Business Journal named him one of the “20 most influential persons in the design and development of sports facilities.” A co-founder of two leading sports architectural practices in the U.S., he also writes and lectures on the subject of destination attractors and creating better patterns for the inducement for ancillary urban development.

His career began in Phoenix, Arizona. There he helped lead a resurgence of interest in that city’s downtown with a series of built projects that re-introduced entertainment and retail to the city’s underdeveloped urban center. Those projects include the Herberger Theater, the Rouse Company’s Arizona Center, US Airways Center Arena and Chase Field Ballpark. During this period, Michael was appointed to that city’s inaugural Arts Commission and authored Phoenix’s first “Percent for Arts” ordinance.

In 1988, Michael founded Ellerbe Becket Sports Architects with a focus on urban core venues. An unprecedented era of private/ public development ensued fueled by designs that supported creative new revenue streams. From 1988 to 1995, the firm designed NBA/NHL arenas in Boston, New York (MSG’s renovation), Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Buffalo, Cleveland, St. Louis, Tampa, Phoenix, Portland; new ballparks such as Atlanta’s Turner Field, and Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ, as well new venues in Manchester (UK), Oberhausen (Germany), and Saitama (Japan) and the Ahmanson Theater at the Los Angeles Music Center.

In 1995, he founded NBBJ Sports and Entertainment in Los Angeles. NBBJ quickly became a leader in promoting the close synergy of sports and entertainment in planning and design. The practice became known internationally for trend-setting design work and an immersive presentation style using larger scale physical models, computer-generated animations and video technology. Project highlights include the Staples Center Arena in Los Angeles, retractable roof ballparks Safeco Field in Seattle and Miller Park in Milwaukee, the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, AZ and the American Architecture award-winning Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati OH.

Sean Duncan

From his background as an entertainment retail design architect, Sean approaches the planning of cities from a perspective of creating memorable public spaces where commerce intersects leisure.

He has a diverse background, leading the design and planning of projects ranging in size from commercial retail spaces to national and international destination attractions. Before joining Future Cities he was a senior designer at The Jerde Partnership, and a partner at O+A, Inc. Urban Architecture where his focus had been designing for the exciting intersection of entertainment and commerce.

His work has helped establish new trends in entertainment retail by introducing digital age media and integrated sponsorship. Noteworthy projects include the entertainment/retail portion of Victory, a 75-acre new urban district in Dallas, Texas surrounding American Airlines Center. Design of this project centered on the development of a media and advertising master plan for the district with its high-tech, high-energy focus fronting the arena at Victory Plaza.

Other works include the electrifying rebirth of the Fashion Show at the heart of Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the expansion and renovation of US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona (now Footprint Center).

Other highlights of his career in the master planning and character design of exciting mixed-use urban entertainment districts centering on public spaces, retail, theaters, and film and television studios including:

  • Studio Metro in Germany
  • Ciudad de Luz, Spain
  • China View, Beijing, China
  • LA Live adjacent to Staples Center, Los Angeles
  • Pudong Marketplace, Shanghai
  • One Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany
  • Core Pacific City, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Riverwalk, Kitakyushu, Japan

Jordan Greene

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