Future Cities

Scott Road Bridge Henrico County, VA


Scott Road Pedestrian Bridge

Henrico County, VA

Envisioned as a connector between existing communities and the bike and pedestrian trails of GreenCity, the proposed mass-timber replacement bridge at Scott Road will enhance the safety of recreational users while expanding access to the proposed regional Fall Line Trail in Central Virginia. It will also set a new standard for environmentally responsible infrastructure.

Scott Road crosses Interstate 95 today via a narrow, traditional steel and concrete constructed bridge. The circa-1962 bridge no longer meets height requirements for modern traffic, averaging several vehicle strikes per year. Future Cities has proposed a non-traditional building materials to erect a sustainable pedestrian-only pathway across the interstate.

Working in partnership with Henrico County, Virginia and the U.S. Department of Transportation, the development of the Scott Road Bridge will be the first glue-laminate bridge construction across an Interstate Highway in the Continental United States. Glu-laminated wood has 1/15th the weight of steel and 1/5th the weight of concrete, while offering a new freedoms of form and without sacrificing structural integrity or cost.